7677955180 Power Steering Pump F1HT3A674A F1HZ3A674D

CAD$ 689.59

ZF Power steering pump
Model: ZF
Condition: new
No.OEM Ford/Sterling: F1HT3A674A, F1HT3A674AA, F1HZ3A674D
ZF number: 7677955180


7677955180 Power steering pump F1HT3A674A F1HZ3A674D. Brand new heavy duty power steering pump model ZF fit on Ford, Sterling 7677955180, F1HT3A674A, F1HT3A674AA, F1HZ3A674D, F1HT-3A674-A, F1HT-3A674-AA, F1HZ-3A674-D. Warranty 100 days, best quality offered on the after market.

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Weight 20 lbs


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