M90 Steering Gear Seal Kit Sheppard with L Seal Style 2602863C91

CAD$ 142.95

Power Steering Gear Box Master seal kit
Series: Sheppard M90, snap ring cover and Lseal Style output cover
SKU #: 86H008
International OE #: 2602863C91
Condition: New

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M90 Steering Gear Seal Kit Sheppard. Master seal kit Power steering gear box OE # 2602863C91. Sheppard M90 with snap ring cover and output cover with L seal style. First quality complete remplacement heavy duty power steering gearbox seal kit. Use to remanufactured heavy duty power steering gear box M90 for trucks, International,Peterbilt, Western, Navistar, Freigtliner, Kenworth, Mack.

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Weight 3 lbs


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