Car And Light Truck Parts: Power Steering


Almost all modern vehicles are equipped with power steering, so we are all aware of the frequent issues that arise with them. That is not a phenomenon that comes with the power steering system, but the problems are a result of low-quality components attached to the power steering. Whether it’s a gearbox, power steering hose and line, intermediate lower shaft, rack and pinion, power steering gear components, if one of these malfunctions, the whole power steering system starts underperforming. 


Auto Truck Parts Canada recommends getting your power steering components checked and replace them with our high-quality parts if there are any issues. Choosing us for your power steering parts is the best thing you can do for your vehicle as we deal only in exclusive components. We have an efficient delivery system throughout Canada, Mexico, and the US, and we also offer warranties on our products.

Auto and light truck intermediate lower shaft

Got a Nissan, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Saturn, Toyota, or any other brand’s vehicle? We have lower steering shafts for all of them to ensure you do not face wheel misalignment, low precision, and smoothness, or annoying sounds while steering.

Car and light truck steering gearbox

Hearing grinding or screeching noises when you turn the wheels? Or having to turn your steering wheel more than an inch before your wheels start turning? It is your steering gearbox that is at fault. Get it from us and never face these issues ever again.

Auto and light truck steering pump

Whining and grinding noises and slow and tight wheel responses mean your steering pump is failing. To ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers, order a high-quality steering pump from us.

Car and light truck rack and pinion assembly

Contact us as soon as you notice a leaking power steering fluid, a lingering smell of burnt oil, or hear grinding noises when turning your vehicle. We will deliver you a rack and pinion assembly that will ensure your safety and high power steering performance.

Auto and light truck power steering hose and line

You need an excellent-quality power steering hose and line if the steering fluid levels are dropping quickly or your steering is giving you trouble. Order from us for an unprecedented power steering performance.

Car and light truck steering gear components

A faulty or under-performing power steering can be a safety hazard and deter your driving experience. Get all your steering gear components from us so that your steering performance turns its head over heels.

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