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We are a Quebec-based company specialized in car and truck parts. To learn more about our services and products, please visit our website at Auto Truck Parts Canada is committed to protecting all personal information collected and used in the course of its activities.


Our privacy policy outlines the standards for the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of your personal information. It also details the measures we take to protect your personal information and ensure your right to access this information.


Personal information is defined as any information or combination of information related to an individual that allows for their identification. However, individuals’ names and their professional contact details such as title, address, phone number, and professional email address are not considered personal information.

Personal information must be protected regardless of its form or medium: written, graphic, audio, visual, computerized, or otherwise.


Our website uses certain third-party tools to track information and analyze user behavior. These tools include:


We use the WordPress platform to manage our website and collect technical data such as IP address, browser type, and visited pages. This information helps us monitor site performance and detect potential technical issues.


We use Google Analytics to understand how users interact with our site, which pages are most popular, and how visitors access our site. The data collected by Google Analytics is anonymous and used for analysis and improvement of our website.


When you fill out a contact form on our website, we may collect the following information: name, postal address, email address, and phone number. This information is used to respond to your specific requests and communicate with you about our services.


If you use our site for transactions, we collect additional personal information such as the products you’ve viewed, your location, IP address, and browser type. This information is used for purposes such as estimating taxes and shipping fees, order processing, and improving your shopping experience.


If you choose to create an account on our site, we will store your name, address, email, and phone number to facilitate the payment process for your future orders.

We use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • Providing information about your account and orders
  • Responding to your requests and refund inquiries
  • Securely processing payments and preventing fraud
  • Setting up your account on our site
  • Complying with legal obligations, such as calculating taxes
  • Improving our product and service offerings
  • Sending you marketing messages if you have given your consent

We will not share your personal information with third parties without your consent, except as required by law.


Our website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience and personalize the content we present to you. Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit our site. Cookies help us track the contents of your cart, remember your preferences, and understand how you interact with our site. This information allows us to optimize our website to better serve you. You have the option to disable cookies in your browser settings, but this may affect certain site functionalities.


When collecting information about you, we first seek your written consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of your information for specified purposes. We will seek your consent for each new use, disclosure, or collection of your personal information, or when the purposes for which they were collected are modified.

Our company commits to using the provided information only for the purposes for which it was collected and retaining it for the duration necessary to fulfill the requested service.

However, we may collect, use, or disclose this information without your consent when permitted or required by law. In certain specific circumstances, we may collect, use, or disclose personal information without your notification or consent, for example, when legal, medical, or security reasons make it impossible or unlikely to obtain your consent, or when this information is necessary to investigate a possible breach of contract, prevent or detect fraud, or enforce the law.


The objectives of information collection generally include confirming an individual’s identity, creating an employee record, and complying with legal requirements (certain information required for tax purposes).

We restrict the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information to the purposes we have communicated to you. Only authorized individuals have access to your personal information, within the scope of their assigned tasks.


We retain your personal information for the duration necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. In accordance with the law and our record retention policy, we are required to destroy this information. When we proceed with destruction, we take necessary measures to preserve its confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access during the process.


Personal information must be as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as required for the purposes for which it is used. Personal information used on an ongoing basis, including information shared with third parties, is generally accurate and up-to-date, unless stated otherwise.

We do not automatically update personal information unless necessary to achieve the objectives of its collection. The level of accuracy, update, and completeness of information depends on the information you provide during collection.


We are responsible for the personal information in our possession or under our control, including those we entrust to third parties for processing purposes. We require these third parties to adhere to strict confidentiality and security standards.

Our Privacy Officer oversees the privacy policy as well as the processes and procedures related to the protection of personal information.

Our staff is informed and properly trained on our privacy protection policies and practices.


We have implemented and continue to develop rigorous security measures to ensure the strict confidentiality of your personal information and protect it against loss, theft, unauthorized access, communication, copying, unauthorized use, or modification.

These measures include organizational elements such as limiting access to the strictly necessary, backing up and archiving data via external systems, etc., as well as technological measures such as using passwords and encryption (frequent password changes, firewalls, etc.).


Access to personal information concerning you is reserved for authorized personnel. The company ensures that these individuals are qualified to access this information and that such access is necessary within the scope of their functions.


You have the right to know whether we hold personal information about you and to access this information. You can also inquire about how this information was collected, used, and disclosed, as well as about the recipients. We will respond to your request within a reasonable time from the date of receipt of your written request, and reasonable fees may apply.

In certain specific situations, we may refuse to provide the requested information. Exceptions to your right of access include cases where the requested information concerns other individuals, where disclosure is prohibited by law, where security or copyright reasons apply, where obtaining this information would be costly or privileged, or when they are related to a dispute.

If we hold medical information about you, we may refuse to provide it directly to you, preferring to transmit it to a designated healthcare professional. You can also request the correction of your personal information to make it accurate and complete. Any request for modification will be processed within a reasonable time.

To request access to your personal information or request modifications, please contact the Privacy Officer at the following address:




If you have concerns about the protection of your personal information, you can contact the Privacy Officer at the address provided above. Any complaint regarding the protection of personal information must be addressed to the Privacy Officer. We will investigate each complaint and take appropriate actions, including modifying our policies and practices if necessary.


We promote best practices and respect for rights in terms of transparency and personal information protection through various approaches:

Display of contact information for the Privacy Officer
Awareness through various means such as information sessions, reminders during meetings, staff training, an action plan for personal information protection, etc.


If you believe that our company has not adhered to the principles outlined in this policy, please contact the Privacy Officer. We will act promptly to identify and correct any issues. Please indicate “Privacy Protection” in the subject of your message.


This policy should be reviewed every three years and updated in the event of significant changes in legislation or regulatory requirements.

Last Update: (09-07-23)

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