Heavy Truck Parts: Drivetrains


A compromised heavy truck drivetrain or semi-truck drivetrain can greatly reduce their performance. It is not okay for heavy-duty and semi-truck drivers to come to terms with shifting problems, vibrations, fluid leaks, and strange noises. For smooth driving and safety, equip your trucks with heavy-duty and high-performing drivetrain components from Auto Truck Parts Canada.

Reliable heavy truck drivetrains

We promise you will not regret buying from us as our products are of the ultimate quality. We offer warranties with our products and deliver orders instantly. Your drivetrain is too vital to be neglected or ignored as that can lead to permanent damage and major repair expenses.

Heavy truck centre bearing

If your semi-truck or heavy truck is squealing and howling as you accelerate it from a stop and quiets down as it picks up speed, you have a failing centre support bearing on your hands. Order a new one from us and enjoy the best experience you have had with your vehicle.

Heavy truck U-Joint

As soon as you notice transmission fluid leaking from the rear of the transmission, or feel a vibration throughout your truck when driving at speed, order a heavy-duty U-joint or semi-truck U-joint from us, and we guarantee it will be the highest-quality one your vehicle has ever experienced.

Heavy truck complete driveshaft

If you want to replace the complete underperforming driveshaft of your truck with a new, heavy-duty driveshaft, we are your go-to supplier. We have strict and high standards pertaining to the quality of the heavy truck drivetrain and semi-truck drivetrain parts we sell, and all our customers enjoy complete and utmost satisfaction from our products.

Heavy truck driveshaft parts

Whether it is a driveshaft yoke, slip yoke driveshaft, slip stub shaft, or a driveshaft yoke shaft that your truck requires, treat it with one that you order from us. Our driveshaft parts transform the driving experience your vehicle offers you, and you are saved from having to ever replace the truck parts you buy from us.

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