Double Cardan CV Flange Yoke Ford-Dodge-Jeep 3-83-072X

CAD$ 152.95

Double Cardan CV Flange Yoke
Bolt circle: 3.94
Flange face to CL: 1.62
Hole/thread size: .49
Pilot diameter: 2.16-F
Stud socket dimension: 0.50
Condition: New
SKU # : N3-83-072X
Manufacturer/Series: 1350
Interchange #: Neapco N3-83-072X, Spicer 3-83-072X

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Double cardan CV flange yoke Ford 3-83-072X. Fit on front driveshaft, propeller shaft with double cv joint head 1350 u-joint series. Used on pick up Ford, Dodge, Jeep. Interchange #: Neapco N3-83-072x, Spicer 3-83-072x. Bolt circle: 3.94, flange face to CL: 1.62, hole/thread size: 0.49, pilot diameter: 2.16-F, stud socket dimension: 0.50. First quality replacement parts, these are OEM parts.

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Weight 4 lbs


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