Ford F150 Driveshaft 2004-2008 7L34-4K145-WA 163″ W/B


Complete Drive shaft/Propeller Shaft Assembly
SKU #: FDR16308
Weel Base: 163″

Fit on:

2008 F150 Ford 4wd (163″ W/B)
2007 F150 Ford 4wd (163″ W/B)
2006 F150 Ford 4wd (163″ W/B)
2005 F150 Ford 4wd (163″ W/B)
2004 F150 Ford 4wd (163″ W/B)

OEM #: 7L344K145WA
Condition: NEW (Assembly with oem part)
Transmission: Automatic

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Ford F150 Driveshaft 2004-2008 7L34-4K145-WA. New complete rear drive shaft assembly for Ford F-150 four wheel drive (4WD) with wheelbase 163″ 2004-2008 with interchangable center bearing, automatic transmission, rear propeller shaft, drive shaft OEM # 7L34-4K145-WA. Engine 5.4L, 5.0L. First quality driveshaft assembly with original Neapco Ford driveline components. Ten years of drivlines experiences.

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