Ford Econoline & Pickup steering gear box E-series, F-series 1997-2004


Power steering gear box
SKU#: 16016NGS
Model: Ford Econoline E250-350-450, F250, F350, F450, Excursion
Year: 1997-2004
Condition: remanufactured
Specification: 36 splines
Warranty: 1 year
Core deposit: $175.00(CAD)
Core return policy: No refund on broken cores and on parts that are not the same as the one shipped.

Ford Econoline & Pickup steering gear box E-series, F-series 1997-2004. Power steering gear box. gearbox professionally remanufactured to OEM specs, hydraulically tested. OEM# STG-109-RM. New seals, new bearings, shaft replaced and hight pressure tested. W/36 splines on sector shaft. Fit on Ford E-250 E350 1997-2003 w/ over 4,200 lbs. front axle, E-350 2004 w/over 4,200 lbs. front axle and w/ 7/16×14 mounting holes, E450 2002-2003 all, E-450 2004 w/ 7/16×14 mounting holes, Ford Excursion 2002-2005, Excursion Awd w/36 splines output shaft, F250 super duty 2002-2004, F-250 super duty 2000-2001 4WD, F 250 super duty 200-2001 RWD w/36 splines, F-250 super duty 1999  w/36 splines output shaft from 03/99,  F350 super duty 2002-2004 all, F-350 super duty 2000-2001 4WD, F 350 super duty 2000-2001 Rwd w/36 splines, F350 1999 w/36 splines, F450 super duty 2002-2004 all, F-450 2000-2001 4WD, F 450 super duty 2000-2001 Rwd w/36 splines on sector shaft, F450 1999 w/36 splines on sector shaft. 30 years of power steering remanufactured.  This item requires a $175 refundable  core deposit in addition to the purchase price. UPS cheapest rates will be charged on your credit card to pay return core shipping. This charge will be applied on the core refund. All UPS return paperworks will be includes with the shipment. Just call UPS to get the core picked up ready with papers we provide you.

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